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Japanese Naturopath Specialising in Women's Health
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Meet Naomi Tsukada

Natural Health Specialist

Energise your body and soul with Naomi's unique blend of Australian Naturopathy and the wisdom of Japanese Medicine. 


Naomi is passionate about the therapeutic power of nutrition and women's health as well as the science of disease prevention. 


She offers both in-person and telehealth consultations (e-consults), using evidence-based herbal medicines, nutritional therapy, nutraceutical interventions and lifestyle adjustments to support your wellbeing. 


She holds a Bachelor of Natural Therapies degree from Southern Cross University.​​​


Why Naturopathy?


Naturopathy uses a wholistic, whole body approach to address and resolve the root cause of symptoms and restore the body to its natural state of vibrancy and balance.

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Correcting imbalances in the digestive system that can lead to symptoms elsewhere in the body including the nervous system, immune system and skin.


Facilitating a greater level of energy and vitality on a day-to-day basis by addressing the underlying causes of fatigue such as immune weakness, viral effects, inflammation and/or digestive health.


Applying safe detoxification practices, performed under expert guidance, to radically 

transform health, resulting in more energy and increased focus.

Women's Health

Addressing the root cause of a broad range of conditions, including menstrual problems such as painful periods (dysmenorrhea), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), endometriosis, and irregular cycles. Also easing hormonal imbalance, aiding the ageing process and menopausal issues.


Using a combination of dietary changes, herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation 

to support the body and help calm its stress levels, leaving you feeling energised and in control.

Weight Loss

Finding the root cause and 

making long lasting lifestyle 

and dietary choices to eliminate causes of weight gain related symptoms.


Naomi is a fantastic Naturopath. She has a very open and collaborative consultation style. She got straight to the root cause and proposed a range of a complementary treatments that dramatically increased my energy almost immediately.

— Monique Hale


  • 15 minute health discussion with Naturopath

    15 min

  • Wholistic, diagnostic health assessment

    1 hr 30 min

    165 Australian dollars
  • 45 min

    95 Australian dollars
  • Shop with expert guidance on whole food choices, labels and nutrition.

    30 min

    25 Australian dollars
  • Standard session with student/visa holder concession.

    45 min

    60 Australian dollars
  • Health Reset short Program Clean and purify your body - inside and out

    45 min

    250 Australian dollars

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